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Things to do Before Retirement

Things to do Before Retirement

If you are a member nearing retirement, you should contact TRS six months prior to your anticipated retirement date to allow yourself enough time to complete and submit all required forms. The following checklist will help you to make a smooth transition to retirement.

  • Consult either the TRS Benefits Handbook (pdf) or the TRS website for information on the retirement options available to you.
  • You might want to attend one of several TRS retirement presentations offered throughout the state each year. They focus on a number of details on the retirement process and the forms that must be completed by members. No presentations are currently scheduled; however, check back for future availability and to register online.
  • Purchase special service credit for retirement credit or transfer service credit, if applicable. Section 415 of the Internal Revenue Code limits the amount of voluntary contributions that can be made to TRS each year. Therefore, please consider purchasing any eligible special service credit well before retirement to make sure you have enough time to make the necessary contributions.
  • Send TRS copies of birth records for you and your beneficiary (if you select an Option One, Option Two, or Option Five retirement plan). Print your name and Social Security number on the birth records submitted so that the records can be matched with your TRS account.
  • Complete and submit a Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits form (TRS 18) (pdf). You may submit this form online if you are retiring within 12 months, or print the form from this website, complete it manually, and mail it to TRS.
  • After you receive your retirement packet, follow the instructions in your packet and refer to the retirement checklist (pdf).
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