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Retirement Planning

Planning Your Retirement

Retiring can be a simple process if you plan ahead. This section of the TRS website helps you to decide the right time for you to retire and what retirement option is best for you. The menu options on the left side of your page provide the following information:

Eligibility Requirements – Describes TRS retirement eligibility requirements for normal age, early age, and disability retirements.

Things to do Before Retirement – If you are a member nearing retirement this information will help you prepare for a smooth transition.

Annuity Payment Options – Describes the TRS Standard Annuity as well as five optional forms of annuity available from TRS.

Checklist for Retiring Members (pdf) – After you have requested and received your retirement packet, this checklist may be useful to complete the retirement application process.

Retirement Deadlines Chart – Provides information regarding the date your employment must be terminated, the deadline for filing your retirement application, and the deadline for payment of additional service credit.

Retirement Estimate Calculator Instructions – Provides information to help you use the retirement estimate calculator.

Retirement Estimate Calculator – The Retirement Estimate calculator may be used to estimate your potential service retirement benefits. It does not include applicable factors for disability retirement calculations. Please visit Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits page if you need an estimate for disability retirement.

You will need to log in to MyTRS and then select to use the retirement calculator. The calculator will automatically import current data from your TRS records such as your tier, years of service credit, and the highest annual salaries. You can change the data if you want to explore the differences.

Withholding Calculator – This calculator is for estimating the federal income tax to be withheld from your annuity. You can enter your gross annuity, select your marital status, and enter the number of exemptions and other deductions you'd like used in calculating your withholding. This calculator does not require a User ID or password.

If you have a MyTRS User ID and password, you may log in to use its calculator which automatically imports the current annuity and withholding elections from your TRS account. You can modify your marital status, the number of exemptions, and other deductions to estimate changes in your withholding.

Note: Requires Media Player 6.4 or later.

Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits – Allows you to electronically submit your information to have TRS prepare a retirement estimate. It can be used as an alternative to filing the TRS 18 form (Request for Estimate of Retirement Benefits).

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