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TRS-Care Health Benefits for Retirees

TRS-Care Health Benefits for Retirees

TRS-Care is a self-funded retiree group health benefits program administered by TRS. TRS retirees who are not eligible for ERS, UT, or Texas A&M system health benefit coverage may be eligible for TRS-Care. More than 233,000 retirees and their dependents participate in this plan. Aetna administers the medical benefits; Express Scripts administers the pharmacy benefits.

TRS-Care options include insured Aetna Medicare Advantage plans and self-funded Express Scripts Medicare Part D plans for eligible Medicare beneficiaries.

TRS-Care plan descriptions, eligibility requirements, a list of participating health care providers, important telephone numbers, and other TRS-Care information can be found in this section of the TRS website.

Notice about Retiree Health Benefits (Required Disclosure by House Bill 2365)

TRS-Care is currently funded on a pay-as-you-go basis and is subject to change based on available funding. At the inception of the plan in fiscal year 1986, funding was projected to last 10 years through fiscal year 1995. The original funding was sufficient to maintain the solvency of the fund through fiscal year 2000. Since that time, the appropriations and contributions have been established to be sufficient to provide benefits for the biennium. The Texas Legislature determines the funding of benefits and has no continuing obligation to provide benefits beyond each fiscal year.

TRS-Care Information

Contact our Toll-Free Customer Service Lines
1-888-237-6762 TRS Health Benefits
Eligibility and Enrollment (General Questions)
1-800-367-3636 TRS-Care Customer Service Number
Option 1, Express Scripts (prescription)
Option 2, Aetna Medicare Advantage (medical)
Option 3, Aetna (standard medical)
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