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2012 TRS Legislative Reports on Pension Benefit Design and the Long-Term Sustainability of TRS-Care

2012 TRS Legislative Reports on Pension Benefit Design and Long-Term Sustainability of TRS-Care

In 2011, the Texas Legislature directed TRS to conduct two studies: a pension benefit design study and a study of the long-term sustainability of TRS-Care, the system's retiree health care program. Over the past year, in compliance with this legislative mandate, TRS has identified and evaluated the impacts of different possible changes to the current pension plan and retiree health care program. Three public meetings on these topics were held around the state, and all were webcast live to reach a wider audience. TRS has also worked with various professional education associations and retiree associations to invite feedback, which has been incorporated into the final reports. In addition, TRS members and retirees were invited to submit comments regarding the studies via the TRS website and email. This public input has also been considered in drafting the final reports. Both legislative reports may be viewed through the following links to the TRS website.

Town Hall Meetings

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