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TRS Forms for Retirees and Beneficiaries

TRS Forms for Retirees and Beneficiaries

TRS requires that certain designated forms be completed and submitted to TRS in order to make changes to your TRS records or to initiate certain actions relating to your TRS benefits. This section features forms intended for use by TRS retirees and beneficiaries.

Below are links to Forms for Retirees and Beneficiaries
TRS 6PG1 Special IRS Tax Notice Regarding TRS Payments*
TRS 15 Designation of Beneficiary Form*
TRS 118D Employment After Retirement Disability Election
TRS 228A Income Tax Withholding Preference and Tax Tables (Fillable/Interactive Form)
TRS 278 Direct Deposit (annuitant's monthly payment)*
TRS 358 Change of Address Notification (Fillable/Interactive Form)
TRS 590 TRS Telephone Personal Identification Number Authorization
TRS 628 Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information*
TRS 629 Verification of Social Security Number for Qualification of a Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
TRS 637 Report of Disability Retiree Certifying that Compensation has Ceased or Decreased
TRS 677 Instructions and Information for Designating a Beneficiary

* An asterisk at the end of a form denotes multiple pages.

Certain TRS forms on this website  have multiple pages and must be printed on separate pages. Sometimes during processing at TRS, the “front” and “back” pages of these forms may become separated. Please write your name and member ID number (Social Security number) at the top of the “back” page of these forms to ensure proper identification and processing of the form.

When printing TRS forms, certain printers may be unable to print information contained near the margins of the form. Before filling out and mailing in a form printed from this website, please double-check the printed form against the on-line version to ensure that no information has been omitted. If your printer is unable to print the entire form, please contact TRS at 1-800-223-8778 to request that a form be mailed to you.

Where noted, TRS forms are available in PDF fillable format. This  means you can fill the information on the form using your keyboard. The forms may be viewed and printed using Acrobat Reader.

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