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"Averting a Financial Crisis" TRS Chalk Talk Conference Call #2 - October 6, 2008

"Averting a Financial Crisis"
TRS Chalk Talk Conference Call #2
October 6, 2008

On October 6, TRS conducted the second in a series of Chalk Talk conference calls, which offer an opportunity to hear TRS leaders speak on issues of importance to members. The October 6th call, which featured TRS Fiduciary Counsel Roel Campos and TRS Executive Director Ronnie Jung, focused on recent changes in international financial markets and how such changes may affect TRS and its members. The call was so popular that it drew five times as many people as our first call. Well over 1,000 people dialed in to participate!

While we are very pleased with the overwhelming response to our Chalk Talk calls, we apologize to those who were unable to reach us. We are now expanding our capacity to accommodate the growing number of people who wish to participate in these calls. When we announce our next Chalk Talk call on the TRS Website, we will have the capacity to receive calls from an even larger number of members.

If you'd like to listen to a recording of the October 6th call, you can do so by accessing the link below:

Conference Call - October 6, 2008

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