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Prescription Coverage

Prescription Coverage

TRS-Care 1, 2, or 3 Standard

Express Scripts administers the pharmacy benefits for TRS-Care. You can contact Express Scripts to order medication by mail, check the status of your prescription, review formulary information, medication costs, locate a participating pharmacy, download forms, and manage your prescription benefits online.

TRS-Care 2 and 3 Express Scripts Medicare

Express Scripts administers the pharmacy benefits for Express Scripts Medicare™ (PDP) for TRS-Care. Express Scripts Medicare prescription drug plan, which is a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan is designed to provide lower copays and significant savings than your current Express Scripts standard TRS-Care prescription drug plan. For more information about the Express Scripts Medicare plans, please call Express Scripts at 800-367-3636, at the prompt press 2 or click on the links below:

Contact our Toll-Free Customer Service Lines
1-888-237-6762 TRS Health Benefits
Eligibility and Enrollment (General Questions)
1-800-367-3636 TRS-Care Customer Service Number
Option 1, Express Scripts (prescription)
Option 2, Aetna Medicare Advantage (medical)
Option 3, Aetna (standard medical)
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